Cebollas Lolo

Exclusive brand of Grupo Lomo Verde

Quality is our reason for being

Cebollas Lolo onions are perfectly preserved ensuring the premium quality of the product when it reaches customers, thanks to our control system implemented from the very beginning. The process begins with sowing, which we do ourselves, and ends with the careful selection of only the best products.

Discover our varieties

Peeled Onion

Our variety of peeled onion is a fresh, processed product of high quality, destined for the Catering Sector and Industry.

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The most versatile for cooking, thanks to its intense and balanced flavour.

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Perfect served raw in recipes. Very shiny and crisp texture.

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Their incredible mild flavour makes them ideal to be eaten raw or in salads.

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A much-sought-after delicacy in top restaurants and gourmet stores.

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