Grupo Lomo Verde

Grupo Lomo Verde is a family business with over thirty years of experience in the cultivation and sale of quality onions. Founded by the brothers, Gabriel and Francisco Javier López López, it is located in the Valle del Guadalquivir, in Andalusia, one of the best regions in Spain for growing onions.

The main aim of our business is to provide a good service and top-quality products, so they reach our customers in the best condition possible. Given the legislation changes currently experienced by the food industry and consumer demands, we believe food health and the entire development thereof to be essential factors for the continual growth of our company.

With the aim of offering customers a greater commitment to quality and trust, we have established a traceability system to ensure, leaving no room for error, the origin and processes applied to our onions. We also have a quality system in place in our warehouses and in our plantations, via the GLOBAL-GAP protocol.

One of the main characteristics of our company is its own production, which includes the process of sowing, caring and harvesting, carried out by the company’s own workers. All of this with a dual-purpose; on the one hand to control from origin, such a delicate product as is the onion, and on the other, to be more competitive in national and international markets.

For a long time, our main work in the central facilities was based on peeling onions for the Industry. In 2015, with the incorporation of a new generation into the family business, a new line of packaging was included, which led to a diversification of the business, which we now run with the same enthusiasm we had when we began, over 30 years ago. Two generations working to provide the market with quality onions in various formats.

The founders Gabriel and Paco López

The brothers, Gabriel and Paco López, founders of what is now Grupo Lomo Verde, began in the world of onions over three decades ago, during which they have worked relentlessly to offer solutions adapted to the agri-food sector. Their dedication and know-how have enabled their commercial brand of Cebollas Lolo to be recognised as one of the best in the onion market, both nationally and internationally.